Thank you for volunteering, or considering to volunteer at Taste of Calgary.  Our volunteers and staff are the life-blood of the festival and we appreciate people giving their personal time to
make the festival great!

Once you've committed to volunteering, here are some of the details to help you out:

When you arrive, check in at the tent next to the “Tastemobile” ticket booth (It’s an old refurbished motor home) located on Barclay Parade at the North end of the plaza close to the Daycare.  We’ll give you a t-shirt or apron and instructions on your role.

T-Shirt or Apron

You will get a t-shirt or apron that you must wear while you are working.  If you work more than one shift, please remember to wear your shirt.  If you spend any personal time in the beverage area before or after your shift you must remove your Taste t-shirt or apron.

Personal belongings

Feel free to leave them in the Tastemobile

Food and Drinks

Each volunteer receives 10 Taste tickets per shift for volunteering to try some of the foods and drinks in the show. Your supervisor will provide them, along with a break schedule.


Throughout the festival, there will be a number of Enviro Stations where visitors dispose of their waste.  Each station consists of Bottle and Can recycling, Compost/Organics waste (compostable materials), and Landfill waste (everything else). You will be trained and supervised by our experts from Green Event Services.  Your responsibilities are to help visitors to Taste of Calgary get their waste into the right bins.

The most important part of the program is making sure non-compostable materials don't get into the compost/organics bin. 

The team will teach you what can and cannot go here, and we will also have a sorting area to help reduce or eliminate any material that is non-compostable.

As needed you will replace bags as they fill up, and the Boys and Girls Club staff will take them to the disposal area.  If you need assistance with supplies or any area clean up, the Boys and Girls Club staff, and the Taste of Calgary staff are there to help.

All of our bottles and cans are recycled and the refund is donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary.


This station is our last point before putting compostable waste products into the composting cubes.  Led by an experienced Green Events Supervisor, volunteers in this area remove any non-compostable products from the compost bags.  This is a critical step in the process to make sure we divert as must waste as possible, while at the same time not contaminating the compostable material.

Our Volunteer Coordinator is Keely Sorette.
If you have questions, please contact her at keely@tasteofcalgary.com

We hope you have a great experience volunteering with us at Taste of Calgary.  Thank you!